Current Projects

EcoGlen focuses on supporting programs and faculty on school campuses who are motivated to improve the site and the students’ educational experience. For both the Mesa Education Center and the Positive Reflections Club at V.H. Lassen, EcoGlen has been able to pinpoint opportunities to improve the students’ experience while on campus. These opportunities include creating garden space to be used in conjunction with an on-campus culinary program, creating mobile on-campus container gardens, and revitalizing garden spaces that have gone dormant.

Once EcoGlen has established a way to engage students and faculty, we can determine the sustainability plan that will be most beneficial to each school.

V.H. Lassen Elementary’s Positive Reflections Club teacher and the Director of Community  Education at Mesa Public Schools have launched successful projects with EcoGlen.

EcoGlen works to not only install gardens on school campuses, but to integrate more nature and beauty on the entire campus. By not only bringing nature on campus but also using it as a tool to engage students, EcoGlen is able to impact more than just the physical aspect of the school—it also impacts the way the students experience their environment.

EcoGlen is collaborating with Mesa Public Schools Community Education Center to build on what we’ve started. Beyond creating on-campus container gardens, we will be working with a local landscape architect to develop specific zones of opportunity on campus that are educational and comfortable for students and teachers. These zones will not only be more inviting, but they will provide venues that allow for learning, artistic displays, gardens, and nodes for people to enjoy.

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