How does EcoGlen benefit society?

Most often a public school is located in the heart of a neighborhood and impacts hundreds of lives. Creating a beautiful school can improve the entire community. Studies shows that crime rates go down when there is manicured landscape in a neighborhood. So, not only do the children and school staff benefit from a “green” school, the entire neighborhood—and even the community—can benefit.

You should know…

Studies are showing that more exposure to natural environments improves the mental and physical health of children. Learning about gardens and healthy eating at an early age may encourage healthier eating habits. Also, playing outdoors in natural settings has been shown to reduce obesity in children. With something as simple as beautifying a school, we believe we can enhance the quality of health for children, along with the adults who work there or visit the school.

The future of EcoGlen…

EcoGlen’s goal is to expand nationally and reach as many students as possible. Our success will depend upon our ability to raise awareness and resources.  

The main goal of EcoGlen is to improve the quality of life for children by bringing more beauty into their environment. By improving the physical setting of school grounds, students will gain a sense of pride and excitement towards education, as well as their community. This is the first step toward creating a generation that takes ownership in improving their local area.

In the future, EcoGlen hopes to create a policy change in the education system that will make the beautification of schools a community priority.

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